Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Eric van de Luytgaarden

Born in Maarssen on May 9, 1963


- Secondary School: Ichthus College, Drachten, Atheneum A, 1975-1981;
- Foundation course in psychology at the State University of Groningen, 1981-1982
- Master's degree in Netherlands Law at the State University of Groningen, specialization: public law, 1987;
- Study in philosophy at the State University of Groningen, 1986-1987;
- Educational qualification for university education, 1998;
- Language skills: Dutch, English, French, German;
- Basic qualification in Mediation, 2005.

Working Experience:

2009 Lektor für Organisationsentwicklung PEF Privatuniversität für management Wenen
2008:Visiting Professor on Proactive Management and Law, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland;
2008 unitl now: Honorairy professor of law UUAS
2008: National Representative at Int. Client Counselling Competition;
2007 until now: Member of the International Project Group for Preventive and Proactive Law;
2007-2008: Vice-chairman of the Knowledge Centre for Social Innovation, Faculty of Society and Law;
2005: Visiting lecturer at the Netherlands Antilles University and the University of the Dutch Caribbean, Willemstad, Curaçao;
2004-2008 Professor for Professional Innovation for Legal Professionals at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (UUAS);
2000 until now: Organizational Consultant with NPI Institute for Organizational Development in Zeist;
1994-2004: Deputy Judge at the District Courts of Amsterdam and Leeuwarden, sectors of Administrative Law and Civil Service Law;
1993-1997: Visiting professor on Philosophy of Human Rights and Constitutionalism at the Phronesis Applied Ethics Centre, Charles University (Czech Republic);
1990-1996: Visiting lecturer on Administrative Law and Human Rights, for the Netherlands Helsinki Committee in Poland and Bulgaria;
1990-2000: University lecturer for Philosophy of Law/General Introduction, Utrecht University;
1987-1990: Assistant in training at the Netherlands Institute for Social and Economic Law, Utrecht University (UU);
1985-1987: Student-assistant for Constitutional Law, General Political Science, Comparative Constitutional Law, Philosophy of Law and Constitutional Rights, at the Department of Constitutional Law, State University of Groningen

Since 1990 I have been active as a consultant and interim manager in many fields in society, specifically for government institutions and not-for-profit organizations. The most important projects are:

Adviser to mentor managers of the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management and the Ministries of Justice, Home Affairs and Agriculture;
Project leader of change management for the middle management of the Tax and Customs Administration;
Project leader of management changes at the Tax and Customs Administration Departments for Large Businesses of Maastricht, Utrecht and Groningen;
Project leader of collegiate administration of the Tax and Customs Administration of the South West District;
Interim manager at Faculty of Social Sciences of the Christian University of Applied Sciences for the North of the Netherlands;
Project leader of change management at the general and technical department of RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment);
Education Manager at the Utrecht Faculty of Law;
Chairman of inspection and accreditation of Higher Education for the NQA;
Project leader of change management at the Ministry of Economic Affairs;
Coach to various managers in various organizations ranging from banks to care institutions;
Adviser to legislation lawyers of the General Board of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management;
Project leader of integrity investigation for municipal authorities in cooperation with Hoogland CS Baarn and the Baarn Risk Institute;

Administrative Activities:

Since my student days, in addition to my main duties, I have enjoyed being an administrator in organizations. The most important are:
Science of Law section of the University Council, science committees, faculty council and board, and various curriculum review committees of various Universities.
General and executive committees of the Netherlands Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights.
Founder of the debating society 'Frederick van der Marck', State University of Groningen.
Member of the Church Council of USP (Utrecht Student Parish) and of the Board of the De Kroost Anthroposophic Day-care Centre Foundation, Zeist;
Member of the Programme Council for the municipalities of Bunnik, Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Leersum and Zeist.
Member of the steering group for academic/practice masters, Bernard Lievegoed College for Liberal Arts, Driebergen;
Member of the Board of Prof. Dr. Bernard Lievegoed Foundation.
Member of the ECABO (Economic and Administrative Professional Education) knowledge centre for trade and industry.

Educational Experience (ordered in the following subjects and in time):

Constitutional Law, general legal doctrine, judicial construction of the rules of law, introduction to law, legislation/jurisprudence and maintenance of law and order, private law, criminal law, administrative law, law of civil procedure, law of criminal procedure, law of administrative procedure and international law, legal skills, theory of law: philosophy of human rights and ethics, philosophy of human rights and constitutionalism, from the liberal state to the social constitutional state, human organisation theory, constitutional rights, organizational science and management theories, science of conflict, business strategies, life story biography, diversity, science of communication, cooperation theories, introduction to law, professional identity and ethics for paralegals, mediation, societal development.

I enjoy lecturing with passion and have twice been elected lecturer of the year.