Selected topics relating to proactive practice of law 2009

The time to see an attorney is when you're legally healthy -- certainly before the advent of litigation, and prior to the time legal trouble occurs’. (Louis M. Brown)

The NPI Institute for Organizational Development was founded in 1954 by Prof. Dr. Lievegoed, a psychiatrist and professor of social-educational theory, as a subsidiary of Erasmus University. The aim was to test and apply in practice the scientific views. The NPI has its roots in the tradition of wisdom of anthroposophy where being human and humanity are central

Lawyers are among other things confronted with labour shortage and increasing demands made on them by society. Paralegals are starting to appear, but are they sufficiently equipped to be used right away? New working methods, preventive, proactive and coaching, are propagated, but what does that mean? Society is in a juridicalization process, citizens are becoming more assertive and making demands, and the lawyer's authority is diminishing while the appeal made on him is growing. Pressure on professionalism is increasing. The practice of law is due for revision.
These factors make demands on the lawyer as a professional, and on managers. The workshops given by the NPI Institute for Organizational Development, with its 50 plus years of experience in organizational consultancy, provide an insight in and an answer to your questions. You are offered innovative approaches to solutions to successfully give your work a new impulse.

Intended for
Lawyers and people working with them, whether self-employed or not, attorneys-at-law, civil law notaries and lawyers in trade and industry, the judiciary and the government, who feel that their own growth, development and wellbeing are determinant factors for the results and success of their offices and are willing to make an active contribution within their organizations.

The Selected Topics are 4 workshops dealing with interrelated subjects of current interest. Each workshop can be attended separately.

Workshop on Proactive Law and Management
Proactive law is a cost-saving and more people-oriented way of practising law, not just for individuals but specifically for businesses.
Basic to the proactive approach are:
a) the prevention of legal problems;
b) a wide-ranging, not necessarily judicial solution-orientedness.
The traditional way of solving a problem is to attack it only when it has really come to a head and to look for solutions only within the narrow framework of the law.
The proactive approach teaches you to make an analysis, together with the client, of the risks he runs personally, psychologically, organizationally, economically and commercially. Together with the client you devise an action plan to prevent legal problems from arising. The great advantage of this method is that the client is given assistance in a more personal and multidisciplinary way. Both for the client and the lawyer this is a more pleasant and human way of working, and professional practice will not suffer.

Workshop on Competency-oriented Coaching
Whereas in the past a lawyer was supposed to be a jack-of-all-trades, i.e. a legal professional, a star in canvassing, argumentation and charismatic pleading, and a true, vigorous and at the same time sensitive manager, nowadays the emphasis is on coaching. In these workshops you are introduced to different forms and possibilities of coaching. Your own style of coaching is analysed and improved where possible so that you can use your professionals in a way in which they show optimum performance and full justice is done to their talents.

Workshop on Paralegals
Looking for young talent in the conventional way a hopeless business? Not so, there are other possibilities as this workshop will show you in detail. Learn about the competencies of paralegals and the resemblances and differences as compared with university trained lawyers, and find out where paralegals can make a substantial contribution to your organisation. If you have trouble filling your vacancies while the work you can get is increasing, or if you are just curious about paralegals and their professional practice, this workshop is made for you.

Workshop on the Secret of Successful Professionals
Nowadays everyone is called a professional, though he is not. The word derives from 'profes', vow, and the professional undergoes an initiation allowing him to literally enter another sphere. A true professional does not have a profession and cannot be employed, because a professional serves his mission, his vocation. Professionals are people who can provide reflection and innovation in an organization, they are people who say ''Here I am and this is what I must do''.
How do you know whether you yourself are a professional? And if you manage professionals, how do you go about it? How do you deal with autonomy and with vision-driven people? How do you manage professionals so that the organization can make full use of their qualities? When are professionals successful?

The workshops are given in-company or at the NPI Development House in Zeist. They are held at hours when traffic is busy, for example from 12.00-19.00 hrs or from 7.30-14.30 hrs and the costs include coffee, tea and (if required) luncheon/diner. Your investment is 495 (not including VAT) per participant if 4 or more persons apply. The contents of the workshops are also available through an individual course. Please contact me for this.