Below you will find a list of lectures I gave in the past six months.
  1. Preventive Law, Roosevelt Academy Middelburg.

  2. Passion in Science, Fontys/Avans Hogeschool Eindhoven.

  3. Innovation of Legal Professions in a Difficult Force Field. Hogeschool Utrecht.

  4. Is there a Chain of Legal Professional Education: MBO (Senior Secondary Vocational Education)-HBO (University of Applied Sciences)-WO (Universities)?, ECABO Amersfoort.

  5. Are Lawyers Know-alls?, De Baak Study Centre of VNO/NCW (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers).

  6. Paralegals, a Blessing or a Curse?, Municipality of Utrecht.

  7. Does anyone know how good a paralegal is?, Utrecht University.

  8. From Cure to Care: preventive law in the Netherlands, Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

  9. The Use and Scope of Research at Universities of Applied Sciences. Outreaching Legal Aid, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.
  10. Knowledge Centres: Future or Repetition? Study Centre for Trade and Industry (Eindhoven).

  11. Art and Law, Franssen Advocaten (The Hague).

  12. The Future of the Legal Profession, National Legal Teacher Day, (Deventer).