A new perspective on the practice of law

Prof. Eric vd Luytgaarden






Selected Topics relating to Proactive Practice of Law 2009 The time to see an attorney is when you're legally healthy -- certainly before the advent of litigation, and prior to the time legal trouble occurs’. (Louis M. Brown) Click here for more information.


I enjoy lecturing with enthusiasm and passion on subjects that are important to me. Click here for some examples of lectures I have given in the last six months .

Conference Chairman

I am available for chairing congresses/conferences and meetings.
Click here for some events I have chaired.

Advice and assistance

I have many years of experience as a consultant giving workshops on:
- change management;
- process management;
- time management and personal effectiveness.
Elements of these workshops are incorporated in the proactive law and management workshop where this new perspective on legal practice is explained, both theoretically and practically. I offer tailored services through an in-house-training or you can choose to acquire new skills through coaching in a one-to-one course.

If you are interested please email me for information or for an interview, without obligations, to find out what would be useful and necessary for you and your organization.


I have decades of hands-on experience as a teacher and practice professor in the Netherlands and abroad. I enjoy teaching with passion. I love law and like to teach students the beauty of it, practically as well as theoretically. My goal is to make students enthusiastic about law, more than they ever were. My specializations are: introduction to law, constitutionalism and the constitutional state, philosophy of law and preventive law.


As a professor I have successfully led a research team at the Social Innovation Knowledge Centre of the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences since 2004. The research fields were: innovation of legal professional practice; labour law; bailiffs; social security law; debt related problems; mediation; alternative conflict resolution. Click here for more information.

I research sociology of law related subjects such as the juridicalization of society and the innovation of legal education. If you have long or short term research projects, it will be a pleasure to me to talk with you about leading them or carrying them out myself.